Treasuring the wealth of wildlife

Kanha Tiger park is a famous Tiger park, located between the Western Ghats in Kerala. Spread across a place of 777 sq km, the dense forests pay for the park. Called’Thekkady’ because of its location, it is situated around 120 km from Kochi. Famous for its scenic attractiveness, it is probably one of those few locations, where you can find the dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Equipped with compact evergreen, semi-evergreen forests, the park seems amazing. The different geographical Characteristics like climate and topography of the park agency the varied flora and fauna. The terrain of the park is oscillating. It boasts of many thin water flows.

Kanha Tiger park In India

The park houses across 240 bird species and 100 species of butterfly. You are able to see elephants and tigers. Other animals that you might see here are mouse deer, barking deer, gaur, dole, sambar, wild pigs and Indian wild dog. The several animals like rare common langur, lion-tailed macaque, the Nilgiri langur and bonnet macaque are the center of attraction. Inspired from the aromatic spice gardens, the park gives a refreshing experience to the touristdestination. You can research it with a wonderful guide who fancy that the medicinal value of each spice and check about kanha tiger reserve. The bird species that you might notice here include darters, kingfishers, cormorants, racket-tailed drongos along with the terrific malabar hornbill. The Kanha Tiger park also supplies ample opportunities for enjoyment and diversion. You can enjoy swimming at the lake or may opt for fishing in Thekkady. The motor launches will also be available throughout the daytime for boat ride round the lake. Tourists can enjoy the thrilling treks through the forests into the Mangla Devi temple.

They can visit this refuge from the Months of October to June. Through the summer, it is not tough to locate chitals and elephants since they collect close to the lake. But during weekends that the place gets too much busy. Lies amidst the Kanha Tiger park, there is a Gorgeous lake. It sports a nice look to the tourists. The lake and the neighboring dense forests offer you a feeling of warmth to the tourists. The other components that insist that the tourists to visit the park again and would be the boat cruising, bird watching and far more. Ranked as the best wildlife Refuge at India, Periyar is the perfect location for wildlife photography, tiger seeing and elephant herds. It is possible to enjoy the wildlife along with the adventure in their best in this famous tiger park of India.